The One Woman by Laura May

LGBTQ+ Romance

Right Person. Wrong timing.

Julie manipulates what the eye canโ€™t see as a graphic designer but no matter what lens she uses, her life and her relationship with her boyfriend Mark remain mundane. Until she meets Ann. Ann is successful, beautiful, and charismatic. Julie canโ€™t deny the spark during their chance meeting. When their present entwines once again in Barcelona the spark is impossible to extinguish. When tragedy strikes, Julie must decide between her devotion to Mark and her love for Ann. Can true love survive when the timing is all wrong?

I See You In My Dreams by Laura May

Women’s Literary Fiction

What if your dreams and reality collided?

Cassie is a seemingly typical high school student living in Florida, but every night, she visits a vivid dreamworld where she witnesses the life of Sophia, a seventeen-year-old living in 1920s Riga. Despite her attempts to make sense of her dreams, Cassie is unable to uncover the truth, and her dreams begin to invade her waking life.

When Sophia meets Daniil, her life takes a drastic turn and Cassie finds herself in the midst of a battle between reality and the dreamworld.

Will she be able to leave the dreams where they belong or will they haunt her forever?

Do You Wish You Never Met Me? by Laura May

Women’s Fiction, Poly/LGBTQ+ Romance

Emily’s life had never been easy, but when a dazzling stranger appears at the bar by the campus, her worries are swept away by the whirlwind of romance. It feels too good to be true as she finally finds the family she’s always wanted. After an unexpected moment at a Christmas party, Emily is introduced to a new world of a polyamorous relationship, grappling with the complexities of love and belonging. But when tragedy strikes, she’s left to pick up the pieces alone.

Years later, Emily meets a man on a dating app and their instant connection seems to be just what she longed for. Right when she thinks she has everything figured out, her past comes back to haunt her. Will it destroy everything she worked so hard to gain?